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Whatever is alive in the digital world and whatever may be birthed into the future digital world I will always keep pen and paper alive.

Being a planner isn’t about planning life perfectly. In my opinion, it’s more about making a rough draft both of how you see something in its current situation and how you hope for it to unfold, and then allowing it to be malleable until the final plan has actually happened.

Planning is about flexibility. Creating a framework on paper doesn’t control your life, but let’s your mind relax, giving you a place to make what most matters to you a priority.

I love planning days and finances and meals. I also love having a place to catch the bazillion ideas that roam the corners of my mind, capturing them when they’re fresh and coming back to fine tune them later.

I have tried so.very.many planners and strategies over the years and the truth is nothing has ever provided what I needed to plan the things that felt important to me.

And so I created these planner pages, which are now available for you too!

Below is the general way I make use of each of these sheets. Please take them as suggestions, ideas and inspiration, but feel free to use them in your own intuitive way. Make them yours as best you can within the framework they provide.

None of this is meant to be a rigid (rigidity stinks!) and finite plan for your life. Rather, it is a living, breathing, movable, changeable draft for what is and what may come.

Check out glances of the pages, and added teal notes on using them, below and then get your buns copies of your own here.


Each ‘month at a glance’ printable gives you the chance to fully see the month in whole, and to jot in plans and appointments as they come.


‘Week at a glance’ is the sheet to fill out each weekend in preparation for the following week. Pop in the dates and pull what still feels relevant from your ‘month at a glance’.

Use the ‘priorities’ box to put the things that are the most important to-do’s for the week.

Use the ‘this week’s ______’ box to make notes and plans for a topic dear to your heart….perhaps homeschooling plans, a party you are planning, a house project, a packing list for a trip…something large and meaningful for this week. Each week it will likely be different.

Use the ‘this week’s meals’ box to plan meals (that you pull from your ‘meal ideas’ printable down below), making note of days when something quick needs to be prepped by looking at your weekly plans. Remember, these do not have to be rigid. I like to put ideas here, but often stay flexible when noting my mood, the weather, or things that need to be used before they go bad.

Lastly, use the ‘notes’ box to take relevant notes.


This is a reference sheet to use when planning your months and weeks. This is where you make note of all the things you do on a regular and recurring basis.

For example ‘dailies’ might include your morning routine, meal prep, reading aloud to your kiddos, gardening, etc.

Your ‘weeklies’ might include larger house cleaning projects, grocery shopping, calling your Mom, checking in with your finances, etc.

Your ‘monthlies’ might include setting New Moon Intentions, planning your money for the month, meal brainstorming, etc.

These serve as a reminder of the many things that already fill your time, encouraging you to not over schedule and to leave space for the ‘upkeep’ of life.


This is a reminder page dedicated to what matters most to you in your life.

Life is sacred. Precious. Short. We must keep our values in the forefront of all our decisions and life minutes.

Write, doodle, draw, collage, paint or create your life’s values here and peek at them often to make sure the way you’re spending your life is aligned with them.


This is the sheet to use in the moment, when you need it. It’s good to print a few to have on hand.

Use it on the days you feel overrun by life, overwhelmed, unclear…when you feel you have too much to do and no time.

Simply add the date and then get clear about what you really need to spend the remainder of your day doing. Let everything else fall to the wayside, trusting that you’ll get to it all in due time.


This sheet is all about meal prepping and planning.

I use this sheet at the start of a month to take stock of my kitchen and the season, and to meal brainstorm for the month. It’s not a set-in-stone plan, but rather something to pull from each week when planning meals.


This sheet is an ongoing sheet to have on hand.

You know the dozens and sometimes hundreds of ideas that cross your mind a day? Websites and books to look up, gift ideas, recommendations?

Or, if you’re like me, the half dozen back-of-receipt notes and scraps of paper or texts-to-yourself that you accumulate each day?

I compile them all on this sheet to return to later.

This sheet holds the things you realize would be a distraction in the moment, many things you realize are no longer relevant when you come back to them, and many things you are very grateful to have taken note of because they prove to be great/useful ideas.


There are so many big things to plan for in life, and this is the place to do it.

Birthdays, holidays, moves, vacations and trips, gardens, house projects, school, homeschool, blogs, parties, businesses, etc …

This is the place to get all your ideas of one topic in the same place.


This is the first step in respecting your money.

Knowing what you owe, how much it is and when it’s due!


This is part two of your finances.

Oftentimes these are the things people let sneak up on them. I’ve been using this method for years and years now, allowing me to plan all the variable annuals into my monthly budget.

Simply pop in the expenses for each month and then reference this sheet when you make your monthly spending plan.


This is the sheet to make a custom spending plan each month.

Pulling from both the ‘monthly expenses’ and the ‘monthly money variables’ sheet you’ll have all your bases covered.


Here’s the place to log all the incoming and outgoing moola.

I have a personal way of caretaking our money and it goes a little like this…

I keep many different financial accounts for many different things, but I use these sheets for my checking account.

Within my checking account I keep many different earmarked accounts. Leave these to your design. Mine are mortgage, bills, food, household misc, gas, mad money, and variables.

I use this sheet to track the deposits and withdraws made into each account. This method allows all my spendable money to be in one account, but keeps it earmarked for different expenses.

There is something very powerful about using pen and paper to take care of your finances.

This is how I use these sheets, but you can use them in your own way or opt to not use them in favor of a digital way of handling your finances.


This is the place of financial dreams. Setting a date for your money goals is such a paramount part of setting them into motion.

Put things here like emergency fund, vacation savings, paying off debt, saving for a home, etc.

Reference often to make sure your spending is in alignment with with your dreams.


That’s it folks! Now go get your own Planner Page Printables here.


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