100 Ways to be kind to yourself and others (21 Day Kindness Streak invite)


Won’t you join me in keeping kindness alive?

I’m always looking for ways to extend kindness in simple, but meaningful ways.

Thank you cards are my favorite. Compliments. Small surprises.

I created the Kindness Streak to encourage you and me to offer extra kindness into this precious world.

Below are 100 ideas, but for each idea I shared there are 100 more. Use some of mine, make up your own or do a little of both.

For 21 days let’s flood the world with more love.

Download your free 21 Kindness Streak PDF by signing up here.


Simply download your PDF, post it somewhere visible or pop in with your planner pages. Each day that you offer extra kindness, color in (or decorate) the heart and watch your heart and those around you widen and lengthen in size and love.

This isn’t a rigid 21 day invite, but a container for kindness. Miss a day? No worries, begin again. 😉

Do the streak alone or together with your family!

  1. Leave wildflowers in your neighbors mailbox
  2. Send a mini surprise package to someone you love
  3. Send a ‘thinking of you card’ to someone who’s sad or struggling
  4. Write a handwritten letter to someone you love or admire
  5. Heartfully thank the librarian, your yoga teacher, your kids teacher or your boss
  6. Have a movie night with your lover or family with blankets, popcorn and treats
  7. Make cookies for someone in your community
  8. Send an email to someone who has no idea how much they inspire you
  9. Share your backyard eggs and garden goodness with a neighbor or friend
  10. Take a nap
  11. Mow their yard, bring a meal, or tidy the home of an elderly person
  12. Take an elderly person to lunch or bring lunch to them
  13. Send a kind text, just because
  14. Send a funny text
  15. Laugh
  16. Be present. Make eye contact
  17. Compliment someone sincerely
  18. Make a family members favorite meal
  19. Make your favorite meal
  20. Craft kindness. A surprise creative gift.
  21. Bring a meal to a pregnant mama, postpartum mama, ill friend or family member
  22. Read to, bring treats, play games or visit nursing homes
  23. Volunteer at a food shelter
  24. Create mini care packages for homeless shelters
  25. Ask “how are you doing?”
  26. Tuck a chocolate bar in with your feminine products for next month
  27. Keep libraries alive by using them
  28. Make meals ahead of time and freeze them for those tuckered out days
  29. Make a surprise phone call
  30. Create a cozy corner for your kiddos
  31. Hold your lovers hand while they sleep
  32. Nominate someone at moreloveletters.com
  33. Leave a big tip
  34. Manage your money
  35. Create a budget
  36. Save for curveballs in life
  37. Leave an encouraging note for a stranger to find
  38. Donate unused blankets, hats, gloves and scarves to a local shelter for winter
  39. Drop off coloring supplies for kids in hospitals
  40. Sew pillow cases for children in the hospital
  41. Give someone a foot rub
  42. Give someone a back rub
  43. Brush someones hair
  44. Invite a friend over (or out) for tea and talk
  45. Read aloud to your kids, no matter how old they are
  46. Send a book you loved to a friend
  47. Write your kids notes, no matter how old they are
  48. No complaining
  49. Pay for the person behind you in line
  50. Keep your eyes and heart open for random ways of offering kindness
  51. Make an appointment with your Dr.
  52. Make an appointment with your dentist
  53. Plant a garden
  54. Plant a tree
  55. Show up with a treat. Show up with flowers. Simply show up.
  56. Let your dog smell all the things on your walk.
  57. Don’t gossip.
  58. Take a digital sabbatical
  59. Tell someone’s boss about their exceptional service
  60. Comfort a mama who’s child is having a public tantrum
  61. Forgive someone
  62. Forgive yourself
  63. Donate blood
  64. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all
  65. Let the person behind you in line (with less items) go first
  66. Clean up trash in your neighborhood
  67. Sticky note love letters – anywhere and everywhere
  68. Leave a kind comment
  69. Listen
  70. Privately pay for someone’s meal in the same restaurant as you
  71. Add a note to your waiters receipt
  72. Drop off food to an animal shelter
  73. Adopt from an animal shelter
  74. Give your time to something you believe in. Animals. Hospice. Kids. Cancer. etc.
  75. Say yes
  76. Say no
  77. Keep a gratitude list, journal or jar
  78. Leave coupons in the store
  79. Tell your lover thank you for all the things you take for granted
  80. Install rain barrels
  81. Offer your seat
  82. Return your shopping cart
  83. Use reusable bags, cups and containers
  84. Send a care package to a collage freshman, military member or sick family/friend
  85. Be still and watch – the sky, your kids, your pup
  86. Make someone laugh
  87. Put out a bird feeder
  88. Lift someone up
  89. Get rid of things that weigh you down
  90. Leave soap in a public park bathroom
  91. Donate books to Little Libraries or install a Little Library
  92. Make bookmarks for your library
  93. Recycle
  94. Donate your change
  95. Dress to feel good
  96. Play with your kids
  97. Dance with your lover
  98. Let someone off the hook
  99. Let yourself off the hook
  100. Move toward your fear, not away from it

These are ideas. This was created to help spark a streak of kindness in your life. We shouldn’t have to have lists to be kind people, but sometimes in life we can get lost in our busyness and the challenges of life, forgetting to be kind to ourselves and to open our hearts to others. Ideas can certainly help inspire our hearts to lean into kindness.

Lean in, sweetness, and sign up here. It’s free!



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