Journaling Streak Day 1 :: What


The first part of journaling is the what. As in what you’ll need to start a journaling practice.

You simply need two things.

  1. A notebook
  2. A pen

That’s it. What notebook and pen you choose is entirely up to you. However…

I highly encourage an inexpensive notebook, such as a simple spiral school-like notebook. Or for a more luxurious, but humble, choice a Moleskine soft cover notebook makes a great option.

Same deal for pens. Don’t complicate it. Pilot pens are a great choice, but anything goes in the end.

Why not a gorgeous, handmade paper, divinely radiant journal? Because when we are new, or even seasoned journalers, beautiful, expensive notebooks can be ridiculously intimidating. They often put undue pressure on us to keep them tidy and sacred, and tidy doesn’t fit into truth sometimes. Your writing needs to feel like it can come out in one great big ole mess.

Besides, the sincere sacred ultimately lies in the relationship with yourself that journaling fosters.


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