Journaling Streak Day 2 :: When


When do we write?

We write daily.

Or as close to daily as we can.

You aim to lay importance on your words.

You allow journaling to become a habit, as you do feeding yourself, brushing your teeth, or using the bathroom.

You carve out a sweet chunk of your day – every day – to meet the page with your pen.

This isn’t an hour long commitment (unless you want it to be).

It’s 10 minutes. 15 minutes. 20 minutes.

It’s sometimes 2 minutes, if that’s all you have.

It’s something.

Of course you are human – you will absolutely miss days.

But like any habit, it will become something that feels very off if you do miss it.

You will likely come to rely on this communication with yourself and will feel off-kilter without this time.

Many journalers, myself included, write first thing each morning – following the practice laid out in The Artist’s Way of writing three pages of non controlled, stream of consciousness, every morning upon waking.

But you get to decide when you write.

Perhaps it’s before bed or while your little one takes their nap.

Whenever it is, do your best to commit to the same time each day. Your being will come to know and expect this time, and will learn to open itself with ease as it recognizes the space before it.

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