21 Day Journaling Streak

21 Day Journaling Streak

“When we write, many avenues open up inside us.” -Natalie Goldberg

I get asked all the time about my journaling practice.

How to do it, how to get started, what to write about, what to do with journals once they’re filled, how to make it a habit…

Journaling is one of my favorite tools for staying connected with myself and my truth.

Journaling, for me, is a practice of truth telling.

Truth is ever changing, and staying in touch with that truth is assuring that you are then staying in touch with yourself.

Journaling is ultimately having a conversation with yourself.

And what often begins as a conversation with your mind becomes and conversation with your spirit.

In a world where we are bombarded with the messages of everyone else, with every touch of our tablet and scroll of our screen, it is critical to keep in touch with the truth of yourself.

Journaling does that for you.

I wanted to offer a base point for entry into the journaling world, as well as some inspiration to seasoned journalers who’d like to reignite their journaling practice.

 Welcome to the Journaling Streak!

21 days of mini blog posts, sent by email, inspiring you to do the work of meeting yourself through journaling.

21 days of short & sweet tidbits to incite a journaling practice with yourself.

A streak of 21 days of journaling! To welcome and encourage a community of journalers.

Totally free! Doesn’t cost a penny! Just wanting to share my love of journaling as a New Year offering, and get some of these questions you ladies have answered!

The invitation to join is open until December 30th, 2016.

The emails will begin on January 1, 2017 and will conclude January 21, 2017.

To join simply click here, enter your info, and then check your inbox for your free PDF and info to get you started! See you in your inbox.

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