Love Notes

I am humbled, heart-warmed, and moved by every thoughtful word I receive from my readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Here’s a sampling of the sweet words that keep me writing and sharing.

“You are such a bright light showering love into the world! I just love your fresh, honest and exuberantly supportive energy” -Ellie

“Falan, I am so moved by your blog. It gives me strength and inspiration. Thank you for sharing yourself and your thoughts via the world wide web.” -Heather W.

“Falan, How do you do it? Each post covers such a core and primal topic that I keep thinking, she’s hit them all, there can’t possibly be more. And then you come out with another amazing and so authentically voiced post. THANK YOU! You are beautiful.” -Sarah

“Thank you for the rich work you are doing in our world — so needed and so important!” -Emily

“Thank you so much for all your lovely posts! I LOVE reading them!!!” -Halina

“Thank you for being able to open up and talk and express things that maybe some of us aren’t able to do in those ways.” -Catalina

“Thank you for being you and being true to you. I love reading your posts.” -Emily

“Thank you for your beautiful view and for sharing it. You are truly inspiring.” -Nea

“Wonderful strong, vulnerable, passionate woman.” -Elenore

“Falan, your courage and openness and wisdom never cease to overwhelm me. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world and especially with me!” -Jess

“I love your honesty and straightforwardness. There is nothing more beautiful than that to me. It moves me every time I read something you have written.” -Heather B.

“Your courage to share yourself with such vulnerability is an inspiration to me, as is your ability to feel deeply without becoming attached or led astray by the difficult emotions and thoughts.” -Kristin

“You are a beautiful soul-gift to everyone around you…spirits like you were brought here to earth to light others way with kindness, truth, and tremendous amounts of love.” -Jill

“Love this!! You have a way of taking out of my brain that I can not say and Say it-Thank you!” -Margaret

“Your deep love of all things womanly positively glows from your writing.” -Adrienne

“You words have inspired me to appreciate what’s in front of me right now, and to trust that all will be well.” – Anita



“I don’t often sign up for emails from people I don’t know. But I made an exception for you and sister, am I glad I did!” -Nicole.

“I get so excited when I get an email notification for one of your new blog posts!! Thank you for speaking from your gracious heart.” -Luna

“I’m always happy when I find one of your e-mails has arrived!” -Dawn

“I really truly adore getting your emails, dear goddess! Such a great and constant reminder that the divine feminine is SO present <3”  -Elenore

“You have always been such an inspiration and continue to be ~ Thank You for sharing the wisdom of your Mama Soul.” -Jaime

“LOVE IT!!!! You are truly a  gifted woman, writer, mother and wife!!! I look forward to all of your blogs and posts!! <3” -Sarah

“Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Falan and for having the courage to keep your heart soft and open in order to experience life so deeply.  We need examples like this to foster our own courage and strength.” -Kristin

“I love you Falan!  I love the way beauty and pain both go hand in hand in your writing, like two friends.” -Halina

“Oh Falan, I just love your blog. Thank you!” -Dee

“As always, bringing light and love to the beautiful, the aching, the past, the miracles, and the everyday. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. ” -Jill

“oh heavens, Falan!  you never cease to amaze me…” -Lydia

“Wow, Falan, it feels like you wrote this one just for me!  You address so many things that I need to work on…  Thanks a lot for the inspiration and words of encouragement!” -Charissa

“Beautiful writing. Beautiful truths.” -Adrienne

“Lovely and brave words.” -Cary

“As always, you shine such a beautiful light on what truly matters…” -Jill

“Darling Falan, you have such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your honest and raw truth – it resonates radiantly.” -Ellie Lee

“I love your posts, Falan. They’re so honest and down-to-earth” -Dawn

“Thank you for sharing your experience of life, I always enjoy it.” -Louise Emma

“Thank you so much for sharing of yourself so freely!” -Bonnie

“Falan, you always help us connect to that raw place inside of us, by sharing the deepest of you. Your post, as it usually does, touched something so sacred in my soul. The way that you know and continue to want to deeply know yourself makes me want to know myself more” -Jill

“Thank you for putting such a raw and elegant chaos into such beautiful words.”  -Nea

“I LOVE your blog, thank you beautiful Falan xx”  -Dee

“This was so utterly beautiful. Thank you.” -Dawn

“When your beautiful words land in my inbox I can truly feel your essence & energy, like you’re right beside me.” -Jaime

I just love how you model this for the rest of us, Falan. We need more role models like you in the world.” -Deane

“Oh sweet Falan, I just adore the ramblings from your heart! And right now, your words are a perfect reminder to trust the divine unfolding of life. Thank you sister for the way you so unabashedly share your sensitive and loving heart with the world!” -EL

“This really touched me Falan, and brought tears to my eyes.” -Jaime

“This is an incredibly brave post Falan, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing it.” -Hannah

“Thank you so much for doing what you do, sharing what you share. Your vulnerability and honesty inspire me to soften into myself. Reading your words is both a WANT and a should! <3” -Sophia

“I love you Falan, and your musings. They are a blessing.” -JG

“I love your expression of you. I love that you’re in my inbox and I look forward to your thoughts in this new year.” -Aileen

“Your words really resonated with me.” -Maria

“I so needed this. Thank you.” -Whitney

“Thank you!!!! I just love your writing!!!!” -Jessie P.

“Thank you for these words. Truly. Thank you for your beingness and your willingness to honestly share with the world.” -Jessica

“What an amazing post, your words are often a place that I find much comfort in.  I cried as I read your words. So much love and understanding and peace comes to me from reading them.” -Heather

“Thank you, as always, for sharing the inside of your soul. It continues to give me strength to share mine.” -LL

“Thanks for your honest, relatable words.” -Charissa

” I enjoy the kind and comforting tone you write in and find it inspiring.” -Kassandra

“… you and your delicious musings.” -Cecilia

“I am again so grateful for your thoughts sent out over this web.” -Sabrina

“As usual your words are a great comfort to me. I found this post to be exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for always sharing from your heart and soul.” -Heather

“Falan, I love your posts.” -Dawn

“yes. yes. YES! Thank you for your words Sweet Falan! It makes my heart full to know another woman is recognizing and working with these same ideas.” -Jessica

“Thank you for this Falan. Your words are always so precious to me, a gentle and wise guiding voice in the distance. I hope you will keep writing these deeply moving posts as often as your life allows. You have such a unique ability to awaken and dislodge some of those stuck tears and revelatory releases within me.” -SR

“Thank you for your transparency, your words have touched my forgotten soul.” -Sally

“Falan! I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy reading your blogs! You have such a beautiful style of writing. Wish you would write a poetry.” -Emily

“I love you Falan. Thank you for your wonderful words this morning … it feels like you wrote them just for me today. I got a double whammy reading them and I adore you for it.” -Dee

“Wise and beautiful words.” -Damaris

“I am grateful that I have stumbled upon you and your site. Thank you!” -Julia

“I adore your writing & the simplicity of your posts. I recently discovered your site and I am so, so glad that I did.” -Emma

“Thank you. Reading your posts bring a breath of fresh air to this world and inspiration.” -Kara

“Thank you Falan, for these words which couldn’t have reached me at a more precise time!!! I am ever so grateful for your posts. I love your beautiful images too.” -EM

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog and emails. It always brings a smile to my face when I read it. I am a true fan of your writing, you have such a unique style which is almost poetical. Thank you so much for sharing. You are a beautiful person.” -Emily

“SO beautifully written <3  Thank you for your words.” -Marissa

“You truly amaze me, my tears are falling.” -Kathleen

“Thank you! This was exactly what I needed this morning. Your words are so pure, and I always relate, on some level, to the things you share. Thank you. <3” -Johanne

“I can’t believe the timing of this, Falan….. Wow. You really captured a beautiful picture of my daily struggles with all of this. All of life on a daily basis. Thank you for understanding me, even though it is unintentional. Thank you for ‘getting it’ and writing it down in your way. I appreciate this so much.” -Lindsay

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